Three Jokes From The Square

I hope my review of The Square did not come across as too downbeat. I did enjoy a lot about the film, especially the way it captures the conviviality, humour, and endless talk that define Cairo street life. The film’s debates are punctuated with great jokes, like these:

1. Early 2011, a group of young men eat a lunch of bread, vegetables, and ful (fava beans) under a tent in Tahrir Square. One of them picks up large banana pepper and waves it at the the camera:

“You see this? Under Mubarak, the peppers were tiny, but under the revolution, they’re big!”

2. Mid-2013, Magdy’s mother, a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, complains that President Morsi is not being given a fair chance.

“I went to my butcher and he said ‘God damn Mohamed Morsi!’ I asked him, ‘Why do you say this?’ He says, ‘Because it’s so hot today!'”

3. A scene shows children playing “revolutionary.”

One group repeats the Tahrir chant, “The people demand the downfall of the regime!”

Another group chants, “The people demand chocolate for kids!”

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